NPLD holds international Seminar on Best Language Practices in Europe

Within the framework of its Annual General meeting, and hosted by Folktinget, the Swedish Assembly of Finland, the NPLD has organized a Seminar aimed at exchanging best practices on language policy and planning across Europe. Under the title Language Encounters, participants have been able to discuss their initiatives on a wide range of issues such as language revitalization, immigrant integration, minority languages and the economy, immersion schooling in minority languages, bilingualism and multilingualism, among many other issues.

Participants in the Seminar include a broad range of language communities in Europe, from the Basque language community in Navarre and the Basque Country, the Frisians community in the Netherlands, the Corsican, Breton and Occitan in France, the Welsh, the Swedish community of Finland or the Catalans, to name only a few. All members have acknowledged the usefulness of the Seminar as a practical way to learn more about the different examples taking place in the different part of Europe.

This Seminar is part of the Annual NPLD’s General Assembly, in which a new NPLD Chair will be elected for the next 3 years.


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