Suns: A memorable night of languages, words, music and images

Marit_en_Nigel_yn_UdineThe final of the “Suns Europe” music contest in Udine lived up to expectations, due to the quality of the show and the remarkable participation of the audience – both the audience that filled theatre “Giovanni da Udine” Theater and the one that listened to Onde Furlane Radio or watched the websites and, in orde to follow the whole show in audio and video streaming. The highlight of this European Festival of performing arts, which turned Friuli into the heart of Europe, represented the spirit of the whole projet, giving evidence to both the vitality of cultural expressions for minorities, the European nationalities and the importance and relevance of their claims and promotion.

The night, hosted by Michele Polo – actor and cultural entertainer from Friuli – and by Sardinian singer and actress Claudia Aru, ranged from the captivating trip-hop by Ilmu, the oblique folk by the Galician Caxade, the hip hop crossover by the Breton Rhapsoldya, the fusion between Sami singing and blues by Ozas, the folk-punk by the Basque Kasernarat, the exotic charm of Zaman from Bashkortostan, the shoegaze rock of the Irish Tuath, the intense auteur pop by the Romansh-Ladin duo Me+Marie, the sophisticated songwriter from Friuli Loris Vescovo and the Frisian pop-soul duo Marit & Nigel. To conclude the show the performance by Marco Brosolo, who – together with his band and with the complicity of rappers Alessio Mura and Dek Ill Ceesa – presented some tracks from his album Cadremo Feroci, recently published by the British label Rought Trade, where he translates into music and in many languages nine poems by Federico Tavan.
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