EPP Group in favour of European minority protection standards


EPP Group Members committed to the protection of traditional minorities in the EU organised a public hearing on the 22nd of April with high-level experts and politicians from all around Europe. They all agreed that in order to build up a European minority protection system, common European standards and institutional frameworks have to be set up.

“A future EU minority protection system should be a two-step structure based on the common European minority protection standards and at the same time on the distinct concerns of each minority community taken into account by a Member State’s national legislation. I strongly hope that the EPP Group will be the driving force in Europe on this important matter”, said József Nagy MEP in his opening speech.

“National minorities are constituent entities of many of the EU Member States. I expect the EU and the Member States concerned to consider such minorities as an enrichment of their political, cultural and social landscape. Loyal minorities and generous majorities should complement each other’s efforts for a good common future”, pointed out Michael Gahler MEP.

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